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Carol Camilleri

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A consummate learner and puzzle solver, Carol is a keen researcher with a taste for complex problems. Carol blends quantitative and qualitative methods to produce actionable findings. In designing research, she’s always looking for the sweet spot between robustness and efficiency. Her drive to make systems work better for people have led her across research fields and domains, from studying human interaction with natural systems to helping educators better use data to drive instruction.

She holds a Masters of Environmental Management from the University of Auckland and started her career in research as a program evaluator helping policymakers understand if major public investments were actually resulting in social change. Carol moonlights as a facilitator and is a real sucker for cross-functional collaboration. She loves leading teams in collaboration and learning.

When she’s not nerding out on research methods, science fiction, or bike componentry, Carol can be found pushing a loaded bike up mountains to camp under the stars.

Favorite Artist

N.K. Jemisin and Yoon Ha Lee

Biggest fear

Snakes, other snake shaped animals. I’m working on it, but they’re so dang scary.

Favorite movie/TV show/ podcast

LeVar Burton Reads and Ologies with Alie Ward


Minneapolis, MN

Alternative universe career

Science Journalist or Pro Wrestler

Anything else?

My sweet, toothless cat Football, is the best personal assistant, project manager, and personal trainer I could ask for even if she naps on the job.

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