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Brandon is a designer and web developer from Austin, Texas. He has spent most of his career crafting user interfaces and design systems for organizations focused on social good, including government agencies, news agencies, non-profit organizations and universities. He most recently worked with Happy Cog, an Austin and Philadelphia-based design studio, and is currently leading the front-end development, user experience, and creative direction of the crowdsourcing service Ushahidi.

Brandon spends every remaining minute with his five-year-old son, one-year-old girl and wife; exploring Texas, cooking barbecue and watching Detroit Tigers baseball.

First creative memory

Writing and designing a Seattle Mariners fan magazine with a pencil and paper, as a fourth-grader.

Path that lead you to UX

Through a career in print and radio journalism, I became obsessed with the often-overlooked and under-valued details that are essential to effective and engaging communication. Through the web and Internet-connected devices, I found a medium that offered limitless opportunity to design those details.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

My pursuit of pleasing people has prospered most when it's focused on designing for social impact, rather than eyeballs.

Work of which you're most proud

Ushahidi, which celebrated a major public launch in October 2015.

Biggest influences

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tyson Rosage (my brother)

Your style

Grounded, light, modest, fluid, frank, and bullshit-averse.

Cause that means the most to you

Education for people who don't thrive in (or can't access) a traditional academic setting.

Design or UX hero

Jeremy Keith

Favorite artist

Stevie Ray Vaughan

What you ultimately want to accomplish

I want to have my fingerprints on services and experiences that impact people's lives in a sincere and material way.

Biggest fear

That my work will never see the light of day.


I'll eat later.

What defines you

The amount of joy and service I can give to my family and peers.

Your idea of happiness

Sitting in a ballpark with my son, daughter, and wife, watching the Detroit Tigers.

Favorite place in the world

Austin, Texas

Can't live without

Blues music, baseball, and barbecue.

Favorite movie / TV show / podcast

TV: Six Feet Under. Movie: JFK. Podcast: The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

What have you learned

How I make things is not nearly as important as completing what I set out to make.

It may surprise you

I don't like writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Tumwater, Washington

Alternative universe career

Barbecue truck founder.

Spirit animal

Chris Stapleton

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