Beth Somerfield

Digital Accessibility Specialist

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Beth Somerfield

Digital Accessibility Specialist

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Beth makes complex digital services accessible, concise, understandable, and polished. She believes effective digital experiences —whether it’s an app, a project proposal, or an interactive data visualization— are derived from understanding audiences, setting focused business goals, designing for inclusion, and building strong communication with diverse stakeholders.

Beth holds her Bachelor of Politics from Oberlin College and Master of Urban Planning from Portland State University. As an urban planner, she saw the challenges people faced when trying to connect with the government. She also saw the potential for digital engagement to breach some of those divides. This drove her focus on accessibility and user experience in the public sector and nonprofits. She has worked on websites and applications for government agencies including King County Metro and the City of Seattle.

When she’s not at the office, Beth supports (or some days just keeps up with) her daughter’s boundless enthusiasm. You can often find Beth curled up in front of a fire with her elderly cat.

First creative memory

Making tiny clay birds and snakes in my mother's studio while she threw pots.

Path that lead you to user experience

I was introduced to UX as a web designer, where part of my role was supporting user testing. In each step of my career journey that followed my internal monologue included "Who uses this? What do they want? How do we find out? How can we get there?" Holding on to those questions brought me back to UX and digital accessibility.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

Making it easier for people to connect with services.

Your style

I'm a mediator. I enjoy listening, drawing out people's underlying interests, and finding creative solutions.

Can’t live without

Curiosity, good sleep, movement, a little chaos now and then.

Favorite artist

Yayoi Kusama, William Ketridge, Theaster Gates, Brian Jungen, George Rodriguez

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