Atulya Chaganty

User Experience Designer

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Atulya Chaganty

User Experience Designer

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A native Jersey girl with big hair and bigger ideas, Atulya is a critical thinker passionate about ethical social change. Her expertise lies in big systems design where she connects the dots between problems and unexpected solutions in ways that are functional, accessible, and delightful. As a designer, she believes it is her responsibility to invent objects and build systems that are effective, inclusive, and disrupt complacency.

Atulya completed her Bachelor's of Arts in literature, communications, and law at Clark University. She then worked in the legal and publishing industry before pursuing her graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design for her Master of Industrial Design. Her master’s thesis work focused on combat veterans with PTSD and was awarded a Graduate Studies Grant. Through her education and professional career, Atulya has collaborated on projects for Nike, NASA, Reebok, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Boeing, T-Mobile, Intel, and more.

Aside from being a designer, Atulya is also a tutu wearing tennis player, fruit joke enthusiast, and nail polish aficionado who loves to spend time with other humans.

First creative memory

My grandmother teaching me Rangoli - the Indian art of drawing with colorful powder outside your home to invite warm wishes.

Your style

Loud, bold, colorful, patterned, bright, glittery, shiny, happy!

Cause that means the most to you

Higher education and financial literacy for all, especially for girls and women of color

What you ultimately want to accomplish

Solve a wicked problem


Go big AND go home.

What have you learned

Kindness is the secret to life

Alternative universe career(s)

Great white shark researcher or screenwriter for the Hallmark Channel

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