Andy Fitzgerald

Information Architect

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Andy Fitzgerald

Information Architect

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Andy thrives on making the unwieldy intuitive, finding elegant solutions to complex problems, and engaging in purpose-driven
work that produces practical results. Over the past decade, he has tackled the problem of effective communication in prickly
information spaces for a wide range of client organizations in healthcare, education, government, retail, entertainment, and

Andy’s combined passion for language, cognitive linguistics, and code shapes the information architecture practice he brings
to Anthro-Tech and keeps his curiosity piqued in the ever changing sea of designing information systems that work. Andy is
also an active member of the IA and experience design communities and has spoken at UX and IA Conferences all over the
world. He published (semi-)regularly and teaches information architecture, mentors, and advises on curriculum at the School
of Visual Concepts in Seattle.

When not organizing something for work, Andy is usually organizing something for fun. These activities often involve bikes,
beer, and burritos.

Your style

Dive in.

Favorite artist

David Foster Wallace


Do what interests you most, the rest will follow.

Your idea of happiness

Being 10 miles into a bike ride before the sun comes up.

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What have you learned

Food wrapped in other food is usually an improvement.

Alternate universe career

Electrician. There's a lot there in common with IA, actually: good wiring done well is functional, enabling, and invisible. Done poorly, it can burn the whole works down.

Spirit animal

David Foster Wallace

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