Andrew Skinner

Digital Accessibility Specialist

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Andrew Skinner

Digital Accessibility Specialist

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  • Purdue University, Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology, West Lafayette, Indiana, 2018
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Bachelor’s Degree, English (Professional and Technical Writing), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2012

Andrew is passionate about championing accessibility, inclusion, and equitable access to sites, services, experiences, content, and everything in-between.

After completing an undergraduate in technical writing Andrew worked at a civil engineering firm with their instructional design & technical manual development team. He developed an interest in accessibility as he created instructional materials and manuals that met Section 508 requirements. Andrew completed his graduate degree in instructional design and has worked in the Enterprise IT space conducting end-to-end UX and Accessibility auditing, design, and outreach.

At Anthro-Tech, Andrew supports accessibility audits, accessibility design, research, and promoting accessibility and inclusive design. He helps teams understand the importance of accessibility and inclusive design and sharing knowledge.

Outside of work Andrew enjoys reading and traversing to the outdoors. Recently, he has been planning more expeditions into wilderness areas to backpack and camp. Andrew is interested in in environmental conservation and revival volunteer projects.

First creative memory

Being introduced to playing an instrument in early elementary school and being able to play a string instrument for the first time.

Cause that means the most to you

Ensuring equitable access to everything regardless of individual context or situations.

What you ultimately want to accomplish

Accessibility and UX are not optional. Embracing and trusting in the processes all help promote human success and capability across a wide range of people. I want to help push that mentality in multiple spaces ranging from digital and in-person experiences to ensure equitable access.

What have you learned

I have learned that there is always something new to learn. If you find yourself at the point of not learning anything new you should seek out new opportunities to learn.

Alternative universe career

Environmental scientist, conservationist, ecologist, wildlife biologist, musician

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