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Content Strategist

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Alex Muller

Content Strategist

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Alex loves to meet user needs through well-researched design and content strategy. As a former journalist who evolved into a digital expert, he possesses an understanding of editorial best practices and experience developing content strategy for publications and large non-profit organizations. 

Alex received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Penn State University and holds a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University. He began his career editing and developing content for a community news organization in Pennsylvania before moving to Washington, D.C., to work for several political news websites as a content editor and designer. Just before making the leap to the Pacific Northwest, Alex spent four years at the George Washington University as a digital strategist. While there, he developed the content strategy for the overarching GW web property as well as various departments and colleges within the university. He also developed GW’s digital marketing strategy and social media content, produced photo and video assets, and taught workshops on digital best practices. 

When he isn’t advocating for quality content at Anthro-Tech, there’s a good chance you’ll find Alex in the Cascades, discovering a new favorite hiking spot with his wife and his pup, Sadie.

First creative memory

As a Ninja Turtle-obsessed 4-year-old, I asked my mother one evening to draw my favorite pizza-slinging crime-fighter, Michelangelo. She tried her best, but I was ... nonplussed.  

Frustrated, she said, "Fine, why don't you give it a try?" So I did, and she was so impressed that she signed me up for art classes soon after.

More than 20 years later, when we were moving my parents into their new home, I discovered my father still has that drawing, my creative origin, and keeps it in his dresser.

Right next to his socks.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

My career has been one of evolution. From print journalist to digital journalist to digital strategist, I've always looked for growth opportunities so that I can stay abreast of trends in the constantly changing digital landscape.

Work of which you're most proud 

My marriage

Your style

Empathetic, earnest and fun

Design or UX hero

I've consulted Kristina Halvorson's "Content Strategy for the Web" more times than I care to admit.

Favorite artist

Bob Dylan


Trust the process.

Your idea of happiness

  • Take a sunny day with a gentle breeze and a nice view, and ... 
  • Add a generous amount of conversation with close friends. 
  • Sprinkle in songs from my Spotify playlist. 

 *Note: This recipe pairs well with a nice IPA.

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