Alexis Sypek

UX Researcher

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Alexis Sypek

UX Researcher

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Alexis is a firm believer in the power of authentic human interactions to improve the efficacy of products and services. She has experience working with everyone from small, idea-stage start-ups to national government agencies, using user-centered design to help them understand their audiences and build effective experiences.

Alexis graduated with a degree in history from Duke University and then worked as a quantitative researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. Inspired to learn more about the actual human impact of health policy, she pursed a master’s degree in anthropology and development from The London School of Economics. She then moved to New York City, where she ran research programs for Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood, a social-impact incubator that builds new products and services to address challenges faced by low-income communities. She then transitioned to The New York Times and worked with a small team of product researchers to improve the Times' digital experiences.

Outside of work Alexis enjoys training for marathons, bouldering, pretentiously offering her opinion on craft beers, and trying to find the perfect GIF to send her siblings.

First creative memory

My twin sister and I took dressing up our younger siblings very, very seriously. I remember having impassioned 4-year-old fights about whether our sister looked better in a Little Mermaid outfit or in our mom's blazer and heels.

Path that lead you to UX

In my first post-college job I studied the economic impact of various HIV health policies in the United States and abroad. The insights we learned through this modeling felt very far removed from the day-to-day experience of those living with the disease, and I got increasingly curious about the lived reality of health policy. This was before I knew the term “user research” existed, but, luckily, I found out about the field soon after in grad school.

Work of which you're most proud

Building long-lasting friendships in each place I've lived.

What you ultimately want to accomplish

I strive – both in my personal life and while conducting user research – to build environments where people feel comfortable fully sharing themselves. All humans are strange, complex, and fascinating. I want people to feel as if they can share their stories with me.

Biggest fear

Flying. I do it, but I feel bad for the person sitting next to me because I will need to grip our shared armrest during takeoff and landing.

What defines you

In part, my very loud, sudden laugh. It surprises even me sometimes.

Your idea of happiness

Nachos after a long run.

Favorite place in the world

Llandecwyn, Wales

Can't live without

Diet Coke

Favorite movie / TV show / podcast

  • Movie: Life is Beautiful
  • TV: Luther
  • Podcast: Hardcore History

It may surprise you

I have twin sister. But we were born on different days.

Alternative universe career(s)

Own my own tattoo shop.

Spirit animal

An online quiz once told me it's a toucan.

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