Olivia Harold

User Experience Researcher

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Olivia Harold

User Experience Researcher

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Olivia is a User Experience Researcher who has worked in interdisciplinary fields for eight years. At Anthro-Tech, she uses research to direct solutions based on true user needs, keeping in mind the bigger picture. She believes that many perspectives and inputs are a requirement for excellent experience design.

Before joining Anthro-Tech, Olivia conducted research at several labs in Connecticut. Her research on Language and Neuroscience motivated her to apply discoveries to improve tools and technology. She juggled the needs of scientific researchers across the globe while working with children in typical and atypical populations to collect data to understand language development. In this capacity, she developed skills as an unbiased and practiced researcher.

Olivia earned her Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design from the University of Washington. She completed her Capstone project on Privacy and Security in Home Internet of Things. After completing her degree, she worked at Microsoft conducting hands-on user experience research.

When not talking to users or planning how to talk to users, Olivia enjoys soaking up the Seattle scene via live music, eating, and thrift-shopping. She firmly believes that Pike Place Market is a joy (even if you live here!) and that spotting Mount Rainier on a clear day will never get old.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

Passions first, responsibility second but not forgotten.

Biggest influences

The strong women mentors and managers I’ve worked with.

Cause that means the most to you

Preserving the environment.

What defines you

My skepticism. It makes sense that I always end up in places where I can investigate and prove things myself.

Your idea of happiness

Relaxing somewhere warm and beautiful with a furry animal.

Favorite place in the world

Yosemite National Park, it was so beautiful that I was (and still am) pretty sure it was fake.

It may surprise you

I recently bought a Yamaha WR250 motorcycle.

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