Claire Benjamin

User Experience Researcher

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Claire Benjamin

User Experience Researcher

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  • University of Colorado, Boulder, Master of Science, Boulder, Colorado, 2017
  • Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Engineering, Nashville, Tennessee, 2015

As a User Experience Researcher, Claire seeks to understand people and translate research data into clear and constructive insights that empower teams and communities. Ever in awe of the complexity and creativity of humans, Claire especially enjoys generative research. She employs a variety of methods to enable thoughtful, practical, and delightful designs. She is passionate about community health and the intersection of sustainability and social impact.

Previously, Claire worked in mechanical engineering and product development. Her interest in understanding the people for whom she was designing led her to the field of Human-Centered Design research. She holds her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in Design, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and her Bachelor of Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

When she's not working, you can find Claire running and hiking the trails of Boulder with her tireless Australian Shepherd mix pup. She loves stirring up new ice cream recipes and getting her hands dirty in her vegetable garden.

First creative memory

When I was six years old, I discovered a manual typewriter in my grandparents’ house. I tapped a story out and illustrated my one-page “book” in crayon.

Path that led you to UX

When I went to school for engineering, I discovered that the question "are we building the right thing?" was crucial before evaluating whether we were building something correctly. Investigating this question through early-stage research and interviewing users started me down the path to UX.

Your idea of happiness

Sunshine, good company, a new trail to explore, and lots of salty and sweet snacks in my backpack.

Favorite place in the world

My hometown, Nashville, in the springtime when everything is alive and green.

Alternative universe career

Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts.

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