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Join us for a design thinking workshop


Enroll in the design thinking workshop

February 12, 2020 | 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Course 01-04-T938

Cost $450 per person

Anthro-Tech | 1107 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA, 98502

DES course overview

Design thinking is an innovative design philosophy and method for creating better products, services, and experiences. It is highly participatory with a focus on collaboration, listening, empathy for users, and experimentation. Design thinking is applicable across fields and in both digital and non-digital environments.

This course is interactive and some of the highlights of what you will learn include:

  • The design thinking method and how it can be used to solving complex problems and lead to innovative solutions.
  • Techniques for quickly creating a team dynamic that encourages risk taking, respect for multi-disciplinary perspectives and radical collaboration.
  • Research techniques to understand customer motivations, needs, pain points and to build empathy.
  • How to turn customer insights into design prompts and how to utilize various design ideation techniques to refine design concepts, including storytelling, journey mapping, affinity diagraming, storyboarding, and prototyping.
  • How to overcome common barriers for implementing design thinking at your organization to drive innovation.

See the Washington State Department of Enterprise course overview for additional information.

Design Thinking Workshop November 13 2019

Who can attend?

The course is open to all state agencies, city, county, and other public entity employees, including members of non-profits.

This course is intended for anyone seeking innovative, collaborative approaches to solving complex problems in both digital and non-digital environments.

How to register


If you aren’t part of the Washington State Learning Management System, use this online form to submit your training registration request. If you’re unsure of your organization’s status, contact your training representative or call (360) 664-1921.


Please contact your agency training representative to register. To find your agency training representative, call (360) 664-1921 or email DES.

Employees who are allowed to self-register for training may use the state Learning Management System.


You can also attend the Department of Enterprise Services training if you are an employee of Washington State Cities, Counties, Tribal Entities, School Districts, Governmental Subdivisions; Federal Government organizations, and Nonprofits that are 501 (C)(3) compliant.

Members of these organizations can register to attend through the training registration form.

Not a Washington State or public agency employee?

Don’t worry, we offer customized design thinking training for interested organizations. These sessions leverage examples from your website, creating a seamless connection between the lessons we teach and the content on your site. Please contact us for details about this customized training option.

Please contact Stephanie Scott at (360) 584-9151 or with any questions about the course.

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  2. Design for conversation: Best practices to connect and converse with your users